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Reduce waste with organic, natural wheat straws, disposable.

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Globally, plastic straws are the sixth most common type of waste in general and among those causing the greatest marine pollution, in particular.
Made from minerals, the plastic straws are almost never recycled because they are very small and because of their composition because they contain various types of plastic. Thus, they simply contribute significantly to the enormous problem of plastic pollution, with experts estimating that each year at least eight million tons of plastic end up in the sea.

Wheat straws help you adopt a more ecological and less polluting way when enjoying drinks or coffee and perfectly replacing plastic.
They are made from wheat, they are disposable consumables and as they are affordable, they can easily serve children's parties and big events.
They give a natural look to your juice or coffee and leave no aftertaste.


  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Made entirely of natural wheat
  • Ideal for coffee, cocktail or juice in LOW glass / cup
  • Natural finish non-porous
  • Safe for food
  • Non-toxic, no cause for concern about BPA, BPS and other substances contained in plastics

Packing: 100 single-use straws

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