Dry Brushing on the Body: Do not go out on the beach without trying it!

And now you wonder what the muddy soap that cleans and revitalizes ... and with your right. But learn how the "Dry Brushing" process does not aim at cleaning but exfoliating. Essentially, this is a highly efficient scrub method.

How it's done?

You need a tough and wide body brush. The secret to impressive results is fast and powerful moves. It starts from the lower part of the body, paying particular attention to the heels, and the area behind the knee, where many lymph nodes and lymphatic cells are accumulated. Then focus on your thighs, hips and buttocks to significantly improve cellulite, buns and local thickness. Do not ever neglect your upper limbs, because with this procedure you will say goodbye to relaxing on your arms.

XTRA Benefits

It will relieve you of dead cells and improve the health of your lymph nodes, contributing to better body perfusion and more effective metabolism of toxins. At the same time, it prevents fluid retention and the appearance of cellulite and local thickness, making the skin softer and firmer.

So do not you think that "Dry Brushing" is worth a few minutes of your day?

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