The eye of the sea or the eye of the Virgin Mary

The eye of the Virgin Mary is sold with other shells as a taste or as an amulet, and it is often transformed into a jewel due to this property.
It is also called "Eye of ​​the Sea" and rarely "cat's eye", while in invertebrate sciences it is called Operculum.

One side is completely smooth with a spiral formation, while the other side has the color of the dawn, is embossed and resembles the Virgin Mary, hence the name of the shell.

After the snail has dried, the stone remains with its wonderful coral color stuck on it!
This, after being thoroughly cleaned and polished, can become a beautiful jewel or amulet.

It's our own local charm!
This is what characterizes the "eye of the sea", and in summer, although it is said to be rare, we often find it in our marine excavations.

The eye of the sea protects us from tongues, bad eyes, negative influences, curses, and more!



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