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The set consists of a natural bath honeycomb sponge and an anticellulite wooden massage brush.

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Anticellulite bath care set

Anticellulite wooden massage brush

A massage brush that has a firming and anti cellulite action thanks to its nodules that stimulate blood circulation and help slow the formation of cellulite.

100 % Natural wood wooden hand-held massager. It allows wide variety of hand positions without slipping or falling and won't easily break off.

Cellulite remover massager brush can be used directly on skin, in shower or with anti-cellulite creams, gel or massaging oils.

Use this invigorating wooden handle circulation Massaging Brush to relieve tense muscles and help stimulate lymphatic flow which promotes the draw of fluid into the capillaries.

Natural Honeycomb bath sponge 5-5.5 inches (12.7-14cm) 

Honeycombs are ideal for Bathing and offer the perfect combination as they are super soft, flexible, dense and durable.
The sizes suggested in this category are suitable for bathing!

Hippospongia communis or honeycomb is the most popular sponge type. It originates from the Mediterranean Sea (mainly the Aegean Sea and the North Coast of Africa). It's shape is almost spherical and thick. Its bottom surface, which adheres to the substrate, is rough. These sponges occur at depths between 9 and 80 meters.

We guarantee that your skin will love them from the first try!
Each Honeycomb from Kalymnos Shop is top quality, Hand harvested, Natural and ideal for your personal care and has the following characteristics: 

  •  100% organic, hypoallergenic and toxin-free.
  •  Eco friendly (fully biodegradable)
  •  Antibacterial : exfoliates, leaves your skin radiant and smooth 
  •  Antifungal
  •  Anti odor
  •  Super elastic and durable
  •  Super soft when wet
  •  Healthy and skin friendly even for newborns 

Natural sponges are Super Long Lasting (2-6 years) when rinsed off thoroughly under cool running water and dried before the next use.

Cotton eco friendly drawstring mesh bag is included.

100% made with natural ingredients Earth friendly products 100% Hypoallergenic product