Cinderella natural soap Ena Karo 100gr

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Cinderella is a soap with ash & pumpkin. Ash is a great foam agent since it has the ability to soften hard water and make it easier for the soap to clean your skin. Together with powdered pumpkin those two ingredients will give your face and body the gentle exfoliation it needs, living your skin feeling & looking fresher.
Cinderella is scented with precious Jasmin, rich West Indian Sandalwood and fresh Petit grain. Just like a fairytale.

Olive oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil, Ash, Pumpkin  & Vitamin E. Essential oils of Jasmin, Petit grain, West Indian Sandalwood, Michelia Alba, Frankincense & Patchouli.

Product Details

Size in inches approxSize in cm approxUsage
1.5-2 3.8-5  Facial care, Tampon
2-2.5 3.8-6.3  Facial care, Tampon
2.5-3  6.3-7.6  Facial care, Tampon
3-3.5  7.6-8.9  Body care,Facial care
3.5-4  8.9-10  Body care,Baby bath
4-4.5  10-11.4  Body care,Baby bath
4.5-5 11.4-12.7 Body care,Baby bath
5-5.5 12.7-13.9 Body care,Baby bath
5.5-6 13.9-15.2 Body care
6-6.5 15.2-16.5 Body care
6.5-7 16.5-17.8 Body care
7-7.5 17.8-19 Body care
7.5-8 19-20.3 Body care
8-8.5 20.3-21.6 Body care, Decor
8.5-9 21.6-22.8 Body care, Decor

For the size of each sponge the measurement is made along the length of the sponge when wet.