Neon Kactus – Free Spirit 12oz

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High quality borosilicate glass

Non-slip handle

Thermal sleeve

Easy to clean - Hand wash


100% recyclable

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Reusable Neon Kactus glasses have a unique thermal sleeve with a unique texture and ergonomically designed lid resistant to leaks, which means you can enjoy your coffee on the go.

Reusable Neon Kactus coffee cups use only 100% without plastic parts and fully recyclable materials. Made of high quality, durable materials made to withstand.

The reusable Neon Kactus coffee cup fits perfectly in all coffee makers, take it with you and give it to your favorite barista, making coffee on the go easy and elegant.

Reusable Neon Kactus coffee cups are made of glass that is much less permeable than plastic, which means that your cup will not absorb residual flavors, odors or germs. The perfect way to enjoy your coffee.

Capacity 12oz

Product Details

Size in inches approxSize in cm approxUsage
1.5-2 3.8-5  Facial care, Tampon
2-2.5 3.8-6.3  Facial care, Tampon
2.5-3  6.3-7.6  Facial care, Tampon
3-3.5  7.6-8.9  Body care,Facial care
3.5-4  8.9-10  Body care,Baby bath
4-4.5  10-11.4  Body care,Baby bath
4.5-5 11.4-12.7 Body care,Baby bath
5-5.5 12.7-13.9 Body care,Baby bath
5.5-6 13.9-15.2 Body care
6-6.5 15.2-16.5 Body care
6.5-7 16.5-17.8 Body care
7-7.5 17.8-19 Body care
7.5-8 19-20.3 Body care
8-8.5 20.3-21.6 Body care, Decor
8.5-9 21.6-22.8 Body care, Decor

For the size of each sponge the measurement is made along the length of the sponge when wet.