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The skin becomes radiant, supple and scented with the sensual notes of Lilac.

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The Lilac Soap Loofah Bar was formulated for everyday cleansing of the hands and body, dealing at the same time with the problem of cellulite.

Its formula contains moisturising factors such as vegetable glycerins and coconut oil that moisturise and nourish the skin, as well as essential oils that have antioxidant and anti-cellulite properties. Loofah removes dead skin cells and activates blood circulation, fighting fluid retention. Lilac essential oil helps blood circulation in order to eliminate toxins. The sensual scent of Lilac relaxes the body and the mind. By daily use, the Lilac Soap Loofah Bar reduces or clears cellulite and the skin looks more firm and supple.

The Loofah soap is handmade and suitable for all skin types.

Weight: 100 gr