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Book referring to the life of sponge divers-Kalymnos.

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This book recorded experiential way through authentic testimonies of people to slavery, the unknown cruel and dramatic struggle of sponge divers of Kalymnos to plunder the depths of the Mediterranean and collect the treasure of the black sponge.
The depths were frightening, the risks lurking many: Carnivorous fish, hardship, death from suffocation and insidious and devastating disease of divers. The beaten by it came back, but it was too smashed boats and dragged the rest of their lives their bodies with a cane in hand. Everyone knew what awaited them. But the barren but worshiped place had many opportunities to prosferei.Eprepe to feed their large Familia their starting many sponges or leave the "hide" them in the depths and inhospitable coast of Barbary.
The writer-daughter, sister, granddaughter, great-granddaughter-captains sponge is the most suitable person to take us by the hand and do along this exciting and thrilling journey.

The book is 334 pages (17X24 cm) and at the end is added a supplement, entitled "postscript", with color photographs captains and divers. It is black and white, pretty laid out and the texts accompanying many photos from sfoungaradiki life of Kalymnos in the early 20th century. and beyond.

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